Malta Island

Location & Population

Welcome to Malta, a Mediterranean country where summer lasts longer, the weather is mild and warm until November and the sea temperature is warm until late October.

It is the smallest island country in the Mediterranean, which sits between the Italy and the Libyan Sea, 80km south from Sicily. Malta is approximately 30 km long and 15 km wide and it is surrounded with 2 smaller islands, Gozo and Comino.

Population is approximatelly 450.000 inhabitants and the islands of Malta and Gozo are visited by over 2 million tourists yearly.


Mystery and History

The great advantage for travelers is that all the interesting sites are only a stone away from each other, including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

However, don't be tricked by the size of Malta and Gozo, because there is simply so much to see and explore. Well preserved fortifications build back in XVI century and many hidden caves and catacombs are definitely worth exploring.


Partytime Island

Year after year, Malta is growing the clubbing scene, becoming one of the main Mediterranean hubs for local and international performers in music, dance and arts. There are plenty of entertainment spots available, such as festivals, restaurants and nightclubs.

Every weekend in the summer time, Malta hosts numerous international DJs, offering the best event venues, including the night boat party cruises and secluded coastal landmarks.


Bautiful Beaches

Malta's beaches of extensive variety are amongst the most popular in the world, but the inland is also remarkable and imposing.

Besides the sun, azure sea, rocks and sandy lagoons, which can be found in abundance all over the island, Malta is famous yachting destination, attracting travelers all around the world.