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Dingli Cliffs


Dingli Cliffs are located on the west coast of Malta and well known for breathtaking panoramic views, 220m above the sea level....

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National Aquarium

St. Paul's Bay

National Aquarium in Malta is one of the top five attractions on the island, visited daily by tourists, groups, school kids and...

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Valletta Waterfront


Situated on the west side of the Grand Harbour, overlooking the picturesque fortified town of Senglea, Valletta Waterfront...

Grand Harbor


Grand Harbor in Valletta represents one of the major historical landmarks in southeast Malta, as a major port for the vessels o...

Traditional Eco Place

Salt Pans


Salt production in Malta and Gozo has a long history, dated back in ancient times, when the salt had a big value and was import...

St. Paul`s Catacombs


St. Paul`s Catacombs are the largest underground cemetery, as well as the earliest evidence of Christianity in Malta. They repr...

Waterparks and Marine Park


Splash & Fun Waterpark is the amusement park for the kids and adults, located on the east coast of Malta near Bahar ic-Cagh...