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Comino & Blue Lagoon

Mgarr Harbor

Comino is a small island between Malta and Gozo and it is only 2 km long by 1.7 km wide. It`s unbeatable azure blue waters, sma...

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Fomm ir-Rih


Fomm ir-Riħ beach is not the one you shall find on tour guides as a mainstream destination. It is far from the main roads and ...

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Fort St. Elmo


Newly restored Fort of St. Elmo is a jewel among forts in Malta, located at the very tip of the Sceberras Peninsula, actually i...

Top Secret

Selmun Beach


The original name for this area is Imġiebaħ Bay and you can be sure this one is as secluded as it gets. Selmun beach is anoth...

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Gianpula Village


Gianpula is a nightclub with long tradition, situated in the valley below Malta's old capital and the medieval town of Mdin...

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Level 22

St. Julian's

Twenty-two has established itself from day one as Malta’s only real exclusive venue, with its stunning surroundings ...

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Ggantija Temples, Gozo

Victoria - Gozo

Ggantija Temples are one of the oldest temples in the world, older than Pyramids in Egypt, dated back in 3600 BC. This his...

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Ghar Dalam Cave & Museum


A paleontological gem Għar Dalam (means dark cave) is Malta`s oldest prehistoric site, located near Birzebugga, in the south o...

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Il Hofra L-Kbira


Totally secluded and far away from the main roads, a little known unspoiled anchorage called Il-Hofra L-Kbira is spot for genui...

Secret Place

Il-Kalanka Beach


Il-Kalanka Delimara area is not to be found on major tourist information guides, it is well hidden in the southeast of Malta, s...

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Inland Sea, Gozo

San Lawrenz

The Inland Sea is unique attraction on Gozo, located in Dwejra Bay, behind the location when once use to be Azure Window a...

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St. John`s Cathedral


The absolute gem and main tourist attraction in Valletta is co-Cathedral of St. John, finished in 1577, as a convention ch...

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Ta`Pinu Church, Gozo

Victoria - Gozo

Magnificent Ta`Pinu church is located in small village Gharb in Gozo island and it is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Ta'...

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Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples

Wied iz Żurrieq

Some 3600 BC back in history shall take us to Mnajdra Temples in Hagar Qim Complex, located in southwest of Malta, close to Wie...

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Red Tower (Torri l-Ahmar) - St Agatha’s Tower


Probably the most interesting bastioned watchtower in Malta is so called Red Tower, or St.Agatha`s Tower, finished in 1649, as ...

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Anchor Bay


Popeye Village is one of the main tourist attractions on the island, located at the Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the ...

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Blue Grotto

Wied iz Żurrieq

Blue Grotto represents a remarkable series of natural caverns and rock arches on the south west coast. It is 15 km away from Va...