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Fort St. Elmo


Newly restored Fort of St. Elmo is a jewel among forts in Malta, located at the very tip of the Sceberras Peninsula, actually i...

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Red Tower (Torri l-Ahmar) - St Agatha’s Tower


Probably the most interesting bastioned watchtower in Malta is so called Red Tower, or St.Agatha`s Tower, finished in 1649, as ...

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Fort St. Angelo

3 cities

Bastioned Fort of St. Angelo is in Birgu Waterfront, or Citta Vittoriosa and it lays in the southeast of Malta, overlooking the...

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Santa Maria Tower

Mgarr Harbor

St. Mary`s Tower in Comino (It Torri Ta` Santa Maria) is fifth of the six towers built by the Order of St. John, in 1618. Locat...

Fort Rikasoli

3 cities

Fort Ricasoli is the largest bastioned fort in Grand Harbor, right across the Fort St. Elmo and the breakwater Bridge. This for...

Ghajn Tuffieha Tower


This remarkable watchtower is probably the most photographed landmark on the nortwest side of Malta`s coast, because of it`s lo...

Lippija Tower


Ta` Lippija Tower (known as Gnejna Tower) is the first small coastal watchtower built in Malta by the Order of Saint John in 16...

Manoel Island and Fort Manoel


Located in the middle of Marsamxett Harbor, between Valletta and Sliema, Manoel island is a 30 hectare area, connected with a s...

Wignacourt Tower

St. Paul's Bay

Wignacourt Tower in St. Paul`s Bay is one of the six towers built by the Order of St. John, between 1610-1620. Grand Master of ...