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Fomm ir-Rih


Fomm ir-Riħ beach is not the one you shall find on tour guides as a mainstream destination. It is far from the main roads and ...

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Gardjola Gardens

3 cities

The Gardjola Gardens are located in 3 cities, in Senglea, also called La Isla, across the Valletta Waterfront. The gardens were...

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Gianpula Village


Gianpula is a nightclub with long tradition, situated in the valley below Malta's old capital and the medieval town of Mdin...

Secret Place Roof Top

Level 22

St. Julian's

Twenty-two has established itself from day one as Malta’s only real exclusive venue, with its stunning surroundings ...

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Buskett Gardens


Buskett Gardens are located between Rabat (Mdina) and Dingli, below the official Presidential Palace, named Verdala. Gardens ar...

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Chinese Garden of Serenity

3 cities

Chinese garden is open to the public in early 90s and it features the elements of rocks, water and surrounding vegetation, in o...

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Il-Kalanka Beach


Il-Kalanka Delimara area is not to be found on major tourist information guides, it is well hidden in the southeast of Malta, s...

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Inland Sea, Gozo

San Lawrenz

The Inland Sea is unique attraction on Gozo, located in Dwejra Bay, behind the location when once use to be Azure Window a...