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Gardjola Gardens

3 cities

The Gardjola Gardens are located in 3 cities, in Senglea, also called La Isla, across the Valletta Waterfront. The gardens were...

Secret Place

Buskett Gardens


Buskett Gardens are located between Rabat (Mdina) and Dingli, below the official Presidential Palace, named Verdala. Gardens ar...

Secret Place

Chinese Garden of Serenity

3 cities

Chinese garden is open to the public in early 90s and it features the elements of rocks, water and surrounding vegetation, in o...

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Valletta, the smallest capital of the European Union, is now the island's major commercial and financial centre and is visi...

Paradise Bay


Paradise beach is a small sandy beach located on the far northwest side of the Maltese coast, just before the Cirkewwa Ferry te...


Summer Folklore Nights

Wied iz Żurrieq

Just think of something truly traditional while on your vacation....The Summer Folklore Nights are the right choice while visit...